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“Our Community Matters”
West Berkshire - You cracked it!

The Louise Purton Toy Appeal 2020

Thank you West Berkshire!!

Monday 1st February 2021

Louise Purton and Father Christmas

As we launched 2020’s Toy Appeal, we were extremely mindful of the extra challenges we faced given the conditions imposed by the pandemic.

Consultation with regional Government and Support Services highlighted that despite these challenges, our community’s needs were still critical; as such we were more determined to deliver.

While this may carry our name and now be undertaken in the memory of our colleague and friend- Louise Purton; This year, success was only achieved with combined commitment and kindness of the entire West Berkshire Community - individuals, corporations, retailers and local agencies of this great area. For the fourteenth, and probably most critical year of this appeals existence you have displayed a level of generosity beyond our wildest dreams.

West Berkshire - You cracked it!
You delivered smiles to hundreds of
families this Christmas.
Thank you.

We now, on your behalf and in your name, will work with local agencies and charities to ensure that any residue gifts shall continue to support genuine demands from at risk and distressed families right into 2021.

So, sadly, yet proudly, we must now announce that this appeal shall be working non-stop to deliver your goodwill and generosity to safeguard your community throughout the coming year across West Berkshire.

You have my sincere and heart felt admiration and gratitude for the generosity displayed this year.

But more importantly, I pledge to each of you that our support will not sleep while needs remain in this area.

Sincere regards,

Adrian Smith
Group CEO – Swift Logistics Group, Newbury.

“Our Community Matters”

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